The unique characteristics of our land and climate influence the flavors and quality of our agricultural products. This is why we only ever use fresh cane juice and fresh fruit in our Rums, we believe it puts the taste of this unique place in the bottle for people all over the world to experience. Our distillery sits amongst the cane fields so we can get fresh cane juice into fermentation as quickly as possible to capture as much of flavor and terroir as we can.

Situated in the fertile plain on the north of the island, sugar cane and tropical fruit have been cultivated on the estate since 1856. We have a mix of rich alluvial and volcanic soils which are highly favorable for sugarcane cultivation.

The micro climate in this part of the island plays a pivotal role in the quality of our crops. It is a subtropical climate with warm temperatures, high humidity, and well-distributed rainfall. We of course have abundant sunshine, ample rainfall, and low temperature fluctuation to promote optimal growth and development of the crop all year-round. These same climatic conditions play a part in our ageing process accelerating and intensifying maturation in the barrels.